Guild Rules

What we expect from a raider in Ascendance, is very simple:

  • Attendance: We require our raiders to have extremely high attendance, we have a small focused raiding roster and to be part of that you need to attend.
  • Dedication: A raider who is not present cannot contribute.
  • Communication: You must be able to communicate clearly when required, with all raiders fluent in English.
  • Attitude: We do not tolerate raging over mumble, if you have a rage problem keep it to yourself.
  • Fun: Whilst we want to progress as fast as possible, we also want to have fun whilst doing it, so we ask you to bring a good sense of humor with you, as you will find most of our players enjoy having a laugh in game.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday, Sunday and Monday
20:00 - 23:00 (GMT+1)

Loot Information

We use a loot council system to distribute loot and is ranked as follows:

Raiders > Casual Raiders > Trials

The item is given out based on raid attendance and biggest upgrade for the raid. This means that loot is done as fairly as possible with the goal of ensuring that we maximize the loot for the best interest of the raid, after all raiding is a team effort and not about personal glory

You will need to download an addon so that you can tell us what loot you need when it drops, this makes it easier for our loot council to see who needs what, as well as who the loot would be the biggest upgrade for.