Ascendance is the oldest guild on Alonsus and began raiding when the server was launched. At the beginning of tier 14 it stepped up to proper 25-man hardcore raiding, and was one of the best raiding guilds in the world. A large section of the Guild then changed allegiance, swapping to the Horde and moving to another realm leaving behind a 10 man raiding team and the social core of the guild.

Our members are passionate about the game, and our raiders look to push themselves and their characters to achieve the maximum that they can. All our raiders and members are expected to do what is best for the guild, rather than personal glory, with the aim being to achieve success by working together.

Outside of raiding hours we are still active and there are always things going on. Whether it be chatting on Mumble; doing alt raids, PvP or anything else ingame you can think of.

Nationality: International (majority are from the UK, some from the netherlands and a few swedes thrown in there as well)

Raiding Schedule:

Wednesday, Sunday and Monday
2000 - 23:00 (GMT+1)

If you want to know more or are interested in joining our raid team, or just as a social, feel free to get in touch with Nidromel, Stormcaller, Starchild or Suigeneris.